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Are you ready to lose weight, gain strength and energy, and take control of your health and body? Join one of the 2017 Biggest Winner competitions led by Dr. Roger De Sesa, a lifestyle and wellness expert. ┬áThe official 12-week program incorporates mindset, nutrition, exercise, and overall mindset. Learn more through this site’s FAQs tab or by filling out the form at right.

Enjoy a Biggest Winner at Your Work!

In addition to running the Biggest Winner a few times each year from his office, Dr. De Sesa also runs the program within workplaces in the Santa Clarita Valley. Read one story here.

“Introducing the program at a workplace demonstrates that the employer truly cares about — and is committed to– the health of its employees,” said Roger De Sesa, wellness expert and coach for the 12-week program. “It also can really build teamwork and improve work efficiency.”

The special corporate rate is $525/person for up to 10 participants and $475/person for a group of 20 or more. Each participant gets a three-week cleanse, journal, workout book, text and email support and all instructions.

Biggest Winner Participant Finds New Mobility, Reduced Pain

Randy Braley entered the Biggest Winner program in August 2016. When he finished in November, he was crowned the official winner for not just his weight loss, but how he changed his perception of health. In addition, he was able to get off two medications. Braley was especially happy to experience greater mobility and less pain that went along with his loss of 19.6 pounds during the 12-week program. His wife and daughter completed the program with him, losing about 37 pounds together. One of Braley’s goals was to walk up and down stairs without having to use the handrail. He can now, and is even able to play on the floor with his grandkids, ages 5 and 1. Braley will continue to lose more weight until he reaches his final goal. He feels great about what he has learned from Dr. De Sesa.

A Few Facts About the Program

In its 10th year, Dr. De Sesa continues to lead this program, which changes lives in so many ways including the following:

  • Loss of weight (the obvious one)
  • Eliminate of medications
  • Enhanced mobility
  • Increased energy
  • New positive self image
  • Decreased pain
  • Love of new exercise routine
  • Younger appearance
  • Better understanding of proper food portions
  • Interest in new healthy foods
  • New commitment to optimal health

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