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No quick fixes: Weight loss requires lifestyle changes

See Dr. De Sesa’s letter to the editor in the Los Angeles Daily News on Friday, March 22. It is the 2nd letter. As a local representative of the Foundation for Wellness Professionals, Dr. De Sesa loves to lecture about various wellness topics. He truly has a passion for helping people get healthy. For reference,

De Sesa Finishes Top 9% at LA Marathon

Having been a runner for much of his life, Dr. Roger De Sesa decided to take it to the next level. On Sunday, March 17, he ran with thousands of others in the Los Angeles Marathon. He was the 1,759th person to cross the finish line at 3:46:06. After having knee pain the week before

Try Exercise Bands Instead of Weights

If you are looking for a variety in your exercise routine and don’t really like using bulky weights, consider exercise bands.  Dr. De Sesa recommends them as a viable substitute. They are compact, light and easy to transport.   He suggests alternating parts of the body worked:   spend 40 minutes one day on the upper body,

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