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The crowd was small at Barnes & Noble, but the information was abundant. Dr. Roger De Sesa, a representative of the Foundation for Wellness Professionals and a local wellness chiropractor, shared some tips in regards to keeping a healthy heart at a free lecture on Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014.

“Healthy hearts live in healthy people,” De Sesa summarized. “Disease is a lack of health. If you add more health to a person, disease becomes less prevalent.”


De Sesa emphasized how our bodies were designed to move every day, not to sit at a desk. Ideally, we would take on some of the lifestyles of our hunter-gatherer ancestors who ate a diet of fresh foods and who moved constantly. If we lived to our genetic congruence, we would eat for fuel and move a lot.

As far as getting exercise, De Sesa recommends folks expend an extra 400 calories each day “doing what they love most that moves their bodies.” Over the past year, De Sesa has become a marathon runner.

Kathy Kolada, a resident of Canyon Country and an avid reader, has attended three of De Sesa’s health lectures. She proudly announced at the February event that she had lost some weight since the January lecture.

What did she take away from the heart lecture? “I think my genetics may be less a destiny,” she said. “Our actions (related to our health) can influence us a lot more.”

De Sesa’s next monthly lecture at Barnes & Noble (Tues., March 11 at 7:30 p.m.) is specifically focused on people who sit at a desk all day for work. He will discuss how to create an ergonomically correct workstation, use correct techniques to avoid carpal tunnel, reduce glare and eyestrain, and stretch throughout the day.


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