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success involves many aspectsIf you are part of a larger group interested in completing the Biggest Winner in Santa Clarita, we can bring it to you! Corporations, clubs or organizations, schools, churches or any other group can sponsor a competition for its members.

The 12-week Biggest Winner lifestyle modification competition is regularly $629 per individual. Our special corporate rate is $525/person (up to 10); $499/person (10-19 people); and $475 (group of 20 or more). If there are less than 10 individuals, they would take part in the program at Dr. De Sesa’s office. If there are more than 10 sign ups, we will come to your corporation or organization for the workshops.

The program includes four onsite workshops (the kick-off meeting, phase II, lasting changes, and the grand finale where a champion is crowned and a prize given).

Biometric assessments (weight, BMI, pH, blood pressure and body fat percentages) are also given at the kickoff and each of the workshops.

Each individual gets a kit which includes the three-week cleanse from Standard Process, a journal, a workout book and all instructions. Dr. De Sesa will also donate a $250 prize for the Biggest Winner. Your corporation or organization can consider matching the prize to make it an even $500 or consider some other contribution.


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